Montreux Jazz Digital Project



The Metamedia Center is developing and managing projects at EPFL in 4 areas : archiving, metadata, valorize and sustain for over more than 5’000 concerts, 11’000 hours of video, 6’000 hours of audio and 14’000 tapes from the Montreux Jazz Festival archive, now inscribed since 2013 in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.



An overview of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project :

1. Archiving

Digitizing, capturing and ingesting audio-visual content from the Montreux Jazz Festival archive for long-term preservation purposes.


2. Metadata

Collecting, cleaning and enriching the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive with pertinent metadata to effectively search, find and access media content.


3. Valorize

Focusing on technology incubation at EPFL by setting up valorization and start-up projects that enhance the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive whilst enabling people to experience its content in a smart and meaningful way.


4. Sustain

Future-proofing the Montreux Jazz digital archive by devising and implementing a strategy to sustain it on a long-term basis. A migration to new media platforms is estimated every 5-7 years to keep up with technological trends. 

As well as preserving the archive, the Montreux Jazz Digital Project will provide EPFL and other Swiss academic institutions tools to access the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive for research and educational purposes.