Photo Digitization

The Photo Digitization project began in February 2014 and will take up to three years to complete. A collection of 80’000 photos taken by photographer Georges Braunschweig will progressively be added to the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive. Georges Braunschweig started taking pictures at the Montreux Jazz Festival as early as 1970 which makes his photography archive quite unique indeed. 

At the beginning of the project, we started to consider the requirements for an effective digitization set-up. We compared different solutions and decided to opt for a reflex camera (Canon EOS 5D Mark III), which is for this project faster and much more reliable than a scanner.

We have established a process that can include every kind of format (black and white negative film, colour negative film, reversal film). The photos need to first be identified by the photo archivists and the photographer before being digitized. A unique filename is attributed to each of the digitized photo or the digital photo (some files existed already in this form) before transfer to our media hard-disk storage system.

All photos will be then tagged on our database and added to the archive discovery application. In order to sustain this photography archive, data is transferred onto Linear Tape-Open (LTO) disks for long-term preservation.