Photo Tagging

Tagging and adding metadata to 40’000 digitized images for easy search and retrieval of photos in the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive.

An extensive three-month project was launched at EPFL in spring 2013 to document a large collection of photos from the Montreux Jazz Festival. This project was completed remotely and on site by EPFL interns and students part of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project team. It provides access to a comprehensive catalogue of digital images. The photo tagging project was achieved by uploading batches of photos to the photo portal and completing a number of tasks.


Photo tagging procedure:


  • Identifying sources in photos, vital for copyright, by conducting an investigation into the origins of each picture (concert, musician, location, photographer etc.)
  • Describing the action in each photo, vital for search, by manually attributing relevant metadata from pre-defined categories (general, ambience, instrument, person etc.) to a photo or group of photos.


This first photo tagging project is a foundation to begin discovering still images in the archives. The next step is to work with labs at EPFL to tag photos automatically and enrich the archive with a specially designed Montreux Jazz Festival archive search engine.