Song Indexing

Indexing songs with metadata and merging concerts for effective playback, navigation and discovery of the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive.

An extensive project was launched at EPFL in spring 2013 to index all digitized concerts from the Montreux Jazz Festival archive. Up to five workstations are used full-time by students at EPFL who are part of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project team. The purpose of this documentation process is to create a full, coherent and watchable archive for education and research purposes. The song indexing project is achieved by extracting audio files from MXF video streams and completing a series of tasks.


Song Indexing procedure:


  • Indexing songs in concerts by adding relevant start and end points in the time-code of a media file to enable:
  • Indexing events between songs in concerts (introduction, speech, applause, interlude, silence, come back etc.) to navigate effectively between transitions in concerts during playback.
  • Checking and updating data relating to concerts (artist name, song title, track list etc.) to ensure information in the Unified Montreux Jazz database is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Merging separate parts of concerts by identifying start and end points in the time-code of a media file for seamless playback.


As described in the archive inventory page, a single concert in the archive could have been recorded on multiple tapes. Therefore concert parts that have been digitized separately must be reconstituted into single entities for playback.