Exhibition Landesmuseum Zürich

The Swiss National Museum in Zurich is celebrating 50 years of Montreux Jazz Festival history with a major exhibition from January 19th to May 21st, 2018.

For four months, the history of the Festival will be unveiled through concert clips, archival documents, and backstage photographs and videos. Items from the personal collection of Claude Nobs will also be on exhibit, including B.B. King’s guitar, Freddie Mercury’s kimono, and even Nobs’ trademark harmonicas. As the National Museum puts it: “For once the stars and their music will be within easy reach.”

Metamedia Center at Montreux Jazz Festival

During the 2012 and 2013 editions of the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Metamedia Center presented projects at the chalet of Claude Nobs in Caux near Montreux, Switzerland. About 1’500 guests visited the chalet each year and the Metamedia Center was able to showcase projects in Multimedia technology to a wider audience. In 2014, the Metamedia Center migrated to the main Montreux Jazz Festival site to showcase the latest in innovation and technology from EPFL at the Chalet d’en bas. In 2015, EPFL + ECAL Lab demonstrated their Montreux Jazz Heritage prototypes to guests at the Montreux Palace. An interactive Montreux Jazz Jukebox was set-up next the Auditorium Stravinsky hall. In 2016, the Montreux Jazz Digital Project was presented to the general public and VIP guests with iPads in the Merchandising stand, at the Picotin and backstage. A Remix the Archive in 3D Audio experience was set up at the Casino during the Memorabilia auction event. A SounD Dot was also presented to the public there. 

Metamedia Center at Montreux Jazz Festival 2016


In 2016, the Montreux Jazz Digital Project was presented to the public under a wooden arch in the Merchandising stand on the main floor of the Festival. Inside the arch there were three iPads and an indexing station for visitors to navigate the archive and find out more about the song indexing process. There were unseen photos from the Georges Braunschweig photo collection also on display. At the back of the arch there was a large poster which provided a global overview of the project to the public in a very simplified and visual way. The new Montreux Jazz Digital Project logo was especially developed for this poster. In addition, some concerts at the Festival were captured in 360 degree sound and video to create a Virtual Reality experience of specific shows. A Remix the Archive in 3D Audio experience was also set up at the Casino for users to play around with multitrack archive audio content in an interactive and immersive way. 

Metamedia Center at Montreux Jazz Festival 2015


In 2015, the Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab version 2 prototype was set up at the Montreux Palace for private guests to test out and provide feedback. There were three prototypes, a surround audio-visual interactive playback system for concerts, a virtual reconstruction of the Stravinsky hall in a wooden structure and a poster/photo display unit. The final version of Montreux Jazz Hertiage Lab version 2 will be situated next to the Montreux Jazz Café in the Artlab building from November 2016 onwards. In addition, at the Festival site, a Montreux Jazz Jukebox was made available to the public next to the Stravinsky hall for users to navigate through 49 songs using motion capture technology. The music was played back in 5.1 surround using a high quality audio processor form Illusonic and loudspeakers from PSI audio. 

Metamedia Center at Montreux Jazz Festival 2014


For the first time, 75% of the Montreux Jazz Festival archive was made available to the public at the Chalet d’en bas during the 2014 Montreux Jazz Festival edition. From 4pm to 12am every day, small groups of people could sit, watch and listen to the archive with the Archive Discovery Application for the iPad and SounDDots (overhead music showers) created by EPFL start-up Hidacs. In parallel, HD Uncompressed Tapeless Video Capture of concerts with direct transfer to EPFL via fiber optic cable took place. As a result, concerts from the previous night were added to the archive discovery app daily – a feature very much appreciated by festival goers! In addition, the public could experience an immersive audio-visual resurrection (I.AM) of a George Benson concert from the old Montreux Casino which took place in 1972.

Metamedia Center at Montreux Jazz Festival 2013


Highlights for the 2013 edition included the ipad Archive Discovery Application which enabled a person to browse and access 1’000 concerts from the Montreux Jazz festival archive. In addition, a second improved version of SounDDots was set up at the chalet for guests to experience private music listening zones. At the 2m2c, experiments in HD capture were conducted which were very successful.

Metamedia Center at Montreux Jazz Festival 2012


During the 2012 edition, demonstrations included the Montreux Jazz Festival archive digitization project, 4k and 3D video display technology as well Genezik, a smart playlist generator and recommendation tool. In particular, innovation projects in acoustics developed by Hervé Lissek’s team at LEMA, namely SounDDots and Sound Relief, proved to be very popular with the public.