Publications and Conferences

Archiving 2018: Digitization Preservation, and Access
Montreux Jazz Digital Project: From a Patrimony to an Innovation Platform, Alain Dufaux, EPFL Metamedia Center (Switzerland). Keynote April 18, 2018 National Archives, Washington, DC


Bach, Brains, Computers …and all that jazz. Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab – DCML Montreux Jazz Workshops – Montreux, Petit Palais. 2017 Friday July 7th at 15h00
Prof. Martin Rohrmeier


L’Art Des Données: cas concret avec l’archive digitale du Montreux Jazz ​​​​
Montreux Jazz Workshops – Montreux, Petit Palais. 2017 Saturday July 1st at 15h00 
Dr. Kirell Benzi


From a Patrimony to an Innovation Platform
EBU Tech-i – 2015 Magazine – Issue 23, March 2015, page 14
Alain Dufaux and Caryl Jones


Through the Hourglass: A Faithful Audiovisual Reconstruction of the Old Montreux Casino
Acoustics Australia Journal – March 2015 Publication
Dirk Schröeder, Sönke Pelzer, Martin Vetterli, Michaël Vorländer


All About That Bass – Everything you wanted to know about bass (but never dared ask)
Montreux Jazz Workshops – Montreux, Petit Palais – 15 July 2015
Hervé Lissek and Sami Karkar


Automatic defect detection in video archives – Application to Montreux Jazz Festival Digital Archives
SPIE Optics and Photonics – Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXVI
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, United States – 17-21 August 2014
Philippe Hanhart, Martin Rerabek, Ivan Ivanov, Alain Dufaux, Caryl Jones, Alexandre Delidais, Touradj Ebrahimi


Acoustic User Experiences for the Montreux Jazz Lab
STAR 2013 – 2nd Workshop on Standards and Technologies in Multimedia Archives and Records
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland – 18 January 2013
Hervé Lissek, Patrick Marmaroli, Etienne Rivet, Romain Boulandet, Xavier Falourd


Les technologies du numérique, pour préserver et promouvoir les archives du Montreux Jazz Festival
Réseau Patrimoine – 2012 Magazine (available only as a printed document)
Alexandre Delidais, Alain Dufaux and Thierry Amsallem