Focusing on technology incubation at EPFL by setting up valorization and start-up projects that enhance the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive whilst enabling people to experience its content in a smart and meaningful way.

In parallel to the digitization process, EPFL is developing the Montreux Jazz Festival digital resource with cutting-edge research emanating from a wide range of areas such as computing, signal processing, acoustics, augmented reality and Multimedia. The Metamedia Center at EPFL aims to accelerate technology transfer from research to industry via trans-disciplinary and collaborative methods.

The valorization part of the project is also concerned with the creation of a dedicated public space, Montreux Jazz Café at EPFL, that gives visitors the opportunity to interact with content from the archives in a personalized and immersive way. It is a place where Art, Technology and Culture combines as part of the ArtLab project.



Creating novel user experiences at EPFL to valorize and experience the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive in unique, fun and innovative ways.


Archive Discovery Application

Enhancing content in the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive to improve media quality  and create additional description information.