Archive Experience

Creating novel user experiences at EPFL to valorize and experience the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive in unique, fun and innovative ways.


Creating a physical space and innovation platform at EPFL for the Montreux Jazz festival digital archive.


Montreux Jazz Café @EPFL

Exploring the networks and connections between artists, bands and concerts in the Montreux Jazz Festival archive to discover new music and performances.


Montreux Jazz Data Exploration

Exploring the similarity between artists from the Montreux Jazz Festival archive with interactive data visulations created at EPFL.


Montreux Jazz Data Visualisation

Experiencing the Montreux Jazz Festival digital archive in an immersive installation at the new Artlab building on the EPFL Campus.


Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab

Discovering content from the Montreux Jazz festival archive with a specially designed ipad application.


Archive Discovery Application

Inviting the audience to discover 49 songs from the archive in an interactive and immersive music jukebox at the 2015 edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival archive.


Montreux Jazz Jukebox

Discovering music according to personal mood and taste with a unique smart playlist generator and recommendation tool.



Removing the lead instrument in a song to create a karaoke version of a recorded concert.


Musical Karaoke

Providing an interactive and immersive 3D audio music experience to engage with the Montreux Jazz archive by remixing instruments from concert recordings.


Remix The Archive

Enveloping a listener with high-quality directive sound for a private music listening experience under SounD Dot.



Blocking the transmission of bass frequencies in noisy environments with a thin, light-weight and modular soundproof wall.


Archive Experience

Reproducing the acoustics in 3D Audio of the original concert hall in which the Montreux Jazz Festival took place at the Old Montreux Casino.


Virtual Acoustics Simulation