Discovering music according to personal mood and taste with Genezik a smart playlist generator and recommendation tool.





What Genezik does :


  • Genezik analyses the musical ‘DNA’ of each song in a user’s music library for elements such as rhythm, timbre and notes.
  • Genezik creates a database in the cloud to map a chart of similarities according to the musical DNA of each song which gets more refined after each use.
  • A user chooses the first and last song of a musical journey and Genezik generates a smart playlist with smooth transitions between each song from start to finish.
  • The next step is for the software to identify similar tracks on social music networks and makes smart recommendations according to a user’s current mood.


Genezik solves the problem of easily finding a diversity of appealing music. It is an innovative multi-platform player powered by a breakthrough discovery engine, which captures user emotions and adapts to them in real-time.

The shared database, built on the latest high scalability technologies will become naturally the missing link between the user and the music industry, by providing the unique way to match songs characteristic with user profile, taste and mood.



EPFL Partner

LTS2 (Signal Processing Laboratory)