Montreux Jazz Data Exploration


Exploring the networks and connections between artists, bands and concerts in the Montreux Jazz Festival archive to discover new music and performances.





Music and Jazz lovers can be hesitant about their listening choices and even be lost when they face a huge amount of concerts available from the Montreux Jazz Festival archive. Researchers and engineers are actually confronted with the same problem due to the emerging era of Big Data. New tools are needed to navigate and extract information from this deluge of data. This is a research topic the LTS2 lab is actively working on.

As a proof of concept and to showcase to a wide audience the research done on this topic and its interest, an interactive exploration tool for the Montreux Jazz Festival has been created at LTS2. It is based on network visualisation techniques. Artists have been connected together through their band and the concerts they have performed in common. In this large network, the user can jump from artists to concerts and bands through the connections and discover new music they may not have expected. Along the user’s journey, additional information from Wikipedia or possibly other online resources is displayed on the side.

The exploration becomes a fun musical and cultural experience. It also demonstrates the importance of information retrieval as well as appropriate data visualization in the 21st century.



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LTS2 (Signal Processing Laboratory)