Montreux Jazz Data Visualisation


Exploring the similarity between artists from the Montreux Jazz Festival archive with interactive data visualisations created at EPFL.



Montreux Jazz Artists Visualisation



The Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the most famous music festivals in the world. Starting with Jazz, it has progressively expanded to other genres of music and as always attracted world-class performers such as Queen, BB King, Prince, or Santana. This network shows with whom musicians of the festival play with, revealing two different categories of artists. At the border of the ring, we have the artists who only perform with their band, forming many disconnected communities. On the opposite, those who jam with everyone, the stars of the festival, are well-connected and are naturally located in the center of the ring. One of the brightest stars was George Duke, the champion of appearances at the festival with 53 concerts. In the center in orange, he faces the legendary guitarist Santana in purple.



Montreux Jazz Similarity and Location of Artists Interactive Map



Above is a screenshot of the map, the real visualization can be opened by clicking on the image. You can navigate through the map of artists of the festival using your mouse or using the search box on the top right.

The search box is a bit special. You can either type an artist name or a location. If you start typing results will autocomplete underneath. In case you type a location, the suggestions proposed are artists originating from this particular location. Just use your keyboard to select an artist and the map will zoom right on it.



Montreux Jazz Similarity of Artists Interactive Graph



Click on the image above to be redirected to a page where artists and their neighbors can be dynamically seen by clicking on different nodes. Zooming and moving the graph is also supported. If you zoom in all the artists’ names automatically appear. For those interested; this plot uses Sigma.js : a nice graph plotting library in the browser. Note : this interactive graph apparently works best on Chrome or Safari.

For more info visit EPFL Data Scientist Kirell Benzi’s website.



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