Musical Karaoke


Removing the lead instrument in a song to create a karaoke version of a recorded concert.




This projects aims to isolate or remove individual musical tracks and contributions within a song. Anubis is a programme developed at EPFL which extracts specific features such as sounds and where to find the different instruments in 3D: frequency, time and space.

Using these mathematical models, it deciphers the instruments’ waveforms, providing multiple tracks that are ready to be remixed within its intuitive Graphical Interface. Anubis very effectively removes the lead instrument, providing a play-along version of any recording concert. A music aficionado can take the lead live on stage with the concert playing in the background.

By extracting the lead performance (and other instruments) from various concerts in the Montreux Jazz Festival archives, it is perfectly feasible to imagine at the Montreux Jazz Café at EPFL, a musical karaoke available to music fans who would like to take the place of their favourite performer on stage.



EPFL Partner

LTS5 (Signal Processing Laboratory)