Remix The Archive in 3D Audio


Providing an interactive and immersive 3D audio music experience for users to engage with the Montreux Jazz Festival archive by remixing instruments from original concert recordings. 



Remix The Archive was presented at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2016 edition as well as the 2016 Comptoir suisse in Lausanne. The experience is now offered with 3D audio so that each instrument can be individually placed in the sound-field.


ln order to try and valorize the multi-track recordings of the archive, the Metamedia Center works in partnership with the company Future-Instruments, which is installed in the Innovation Park of EPFL. Future Instruments has created a visual, collaborative, and interactive web-based environment which allows representing any kind of information (notes, documents, images, videos) as a virtual object that can be moved intuitively on a tactile screen, just like physical objects. Kinaps, this multi-platform environment, is compatible with mobile devices or fixed installations equipped with tactile screens. In the collaborative context, the objects can be exchanged from one device to another by a simple dragging movement, giving the feeling of continuous trajectories between screens. In another mode, participants can collaborate around a shared tactile surface, everyone’s interactions being synchronized in real-time on all connected devices. 

By defining new audio objects with special parameters, this project provides a funny way to visually mix the instruments of a concert, each instrument becoming an object in the interface, which volume (or other figures) can be changed in a tactile way. In addition, and when working with series of prepared audio loops or “bricks”, the environment becomes a creative interface to compose new versions of music pieces. The tool can be made available to non-musicians thanks to the automatic synchronization capabilities programmed across the audio objects.




EPFL Partner

Future Instruments