SounD Dots


Enveloping a listener with high-quality directive sound for a private music listening experience under SounD Dot. SounD Dot technology was presented at the 2014 edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival in the Chalet d’en bas. A start-up at EPFL, Hidacs, is the outcome of this project.



SounD Dot is a new technology for directive high quality sound-diffusion. When you listen to music with a SounD Dot, sound envelops you and creates an intimate listening experience. By its ability to direct sound to a specific area, the SounD Dot does not disturb your immediate surroundings.

When placed at height, it offers new possibilities to create a variety of musical atmospheres in open spaces, with sound being diffused in a 2-3m perimeter range. SounD Dots are easily configurable to fill architectural specifications; you can lay them out in a enclosed space and create corridors of silence in between them. In the context of the Montreux Jazz Lab at EPFL, a musical scenography will be created based on SounD Dot technology.

The innovation is based on a unique arrangement of loudpeakers and a fine grain tuning of signal distribution to each of them. This solution is based on regular loudspeakers which ensure high-quality sound and scalability. SounD Dot technology diffuses full audio bandwidth up to 100 dB SPL and is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

SounD Dots is the ideal solution for conference centers and museums  where high quality sound diffusion is required whilst maintaining the quietness of surrounding areas. SounD Dots can be easily integrated into the indoor, outdoor architecture and outdoor furniture as well.

A first prototype was created in 2012 by researchers at LEMA for outdoor use. A second much smaller prototype followed in 2013 also for exterior use. In 2014, a new indoor prototype was developed and presented at the Montreux Jazz Festival.



Hidacs Youtube1080 from C-Fact Visuals on Vimeo.



EPFL Partner

LEMA (Laboratory of Electromagnetism and Acoustics)

Hidacs (start-up EPFL)